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Al Jazeera para consumo entre infiéis

Aviso do blogger egípcio the big pharaoh:

So Al Jazeera launched its English channel today. I’m telling you that it’s going to be very different from our Al Jazeera. You’re simply not going to get what we have here. Ours is propaganda mixed with sensationalism and I’m sure the Western editors of the English channel are wise enough not to give that to a Western audience who’re accustomed to professional media outlets. So don’t worry you’re not going to get Jihad TV.

Much Ado About Nothing


Iraque! Iraque! Iraque! E os Democratas safam-se? E os Republicanos são os únicos culpados? E a Pelosi?! E os Democratas?! E os Republicanos?! E os Democratas?! E os Republicanos?! E o João Miranda?! E o Badaró?! Tanta retórica para um problema cuja solução é por demais óbvia e simples: arranjar mais 350.000 soldados que acabem o serviço mal feito! Como ninguém os vai arranjar….olhem… é não enforcarem o outro e devolverem-lhe a loja.

Venceu a Boa América… a Católica


Apurados os resultados dos Governadores eleitos para os diferentes Estados temos:

– Católicos – 11 governadores: 4 Republicanos e 7 Democratas;
– Metodistas – 4 governadores: 3 Republicanos e 1 Democrata;
– Baptistas – 3 governadores: 2 Republicanos e 1 Democrata;
– Episcopalianos – 3 Governadores: 2 Democratas e 1 Republicano;
– Presbiterianos – 3 Governadores: todos Democratas;
– Protestantes – 2 Governadores: todos Republicanos;
– Ortodoxo Oriental – 1 Governador: Democrata;
– Mormon – 1 Governador: Republicano.

Parece que a imigração irlandesa, escocesa e latino-americana tem mantido a Boa América num ganho relativo do produto original face à concorrência com as cópias do puritanismo evangélico.
Do lado Judaico, poucos para estarem à altura da fama de dominadores globais, mas suficientemente bons para que 3 Governadores tenham conquistado o melhor da América: Nova Iorque, a histórica Pennsylvania e o Hawaii.
Os Mormons não se estarão a safar muito mas, em todo o caso, o povo do Nevada recusou a legalização da marijuana e, em contrapartida, elegeu um Mormon. À drova leve preferiram a pesada.
Nenhum Governador Luterano eleito.
Constata-se, dos restantes grandes credos, uma manifesta sub-representação do Islão e do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
Na Georgia venceu um Republicano chamado Perdue.
Foram eleitos três Governadores que se declararam sem religião: um Republicano e dois Democratas. Houve, entre todos os derrotados, quatro que se declararam sem religião: eram todos…Republicanos.

Relendo Hans Morgenthau # Política e Moral


Political realism refuses to identify the moral aspirations of a particular nation with the moral laws that govern the universe. As it distinguishes between truth and opinion, so it distinguishes between truth and idolatry. All nations are tempted-and few have been able to resist the temptation for long-to clothe their own particular aspirations and actions in the moral purposes of the universe. To know that nations are subject to the moral law is one thing, while to pretend to know with certainty what is good and evil in the relations among nations is quite another. There is a world of difference between the belief that all nations stand under the judgment of God, inscrutable to the human mind, and the blasphemous conviction that God is always on one’s side and that what one wills oneself cannot fail to be willed by God also.

Intellectually, the political realist maintains the autonomy of the political sphere, as the economist, the lawyer, the moralist maintain theirs. He thinks in terms of interest defined as power, as the economist thinks in terms of interest defined as wealth; the lawyer, of the conformity of action with legal rules; the moralist, of the conformity of action with moral principles. The economist asks: “How does this policy affect the wealth of society, or a segment of it?” The lawyer asks: “Is this policy in accord with the rules of law?” The moralist asks: “Is this policy in accord with moral principles?” And the political realist asks: “How does this policy affect the power of the nation?” (Or of the federal government, of Congress, of the party, of agriculture, as the case may be.)

This realist defense of the autonomy of the political sphere against its subversion by other modes of thought does not imply disregard for the existence and importance of these other modes of thought. It rather implies that each should be assigned its proper sphere and function. Political realism is based upon a pluralistic conception of human nature. Real man is a composite of “economic man,” “political man,” “moral man,” “religious man,” etc. A man who was nothing but “political man” would be a beast, for he would be completely lacking in moral restraints. A man who was nothing but “moral man” would be a fool, for he would be completely lacking in prudence. A man who was nothing but “religious man” would be a saint, for he would be completely lacking in worldly desires.

[Hans J. Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace]

A ler sempre

O impagável Andy no Borowitz Report: Kerry Found With Duct Tape Over Mouth.

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass), the 2004 Democratic nominee for President, was discovered today in a broom closet at Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, his hands bound behind his back and a strip of duct tape over his mouth.
The discovery of Sen. Kerry ended a nationwide manhunt after the former presidential candidate vanished Tuesday afternoon en route to an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer.

Uma campanha alegre

Enquanto os Republicanos procuram desviar o “circo mediático” para as inabilidades de Kerry – de facto, melhor seria que enviassem o personagem de férias para as galápagos – o pessoal sempre se distrai dos escândalos nas trincheiras republicanas. Há para todos os gostos: sexo com menores; violação de sopeira na forma tentada;contratação de imigrante ilegal; tareia na esposa, and soion and soion. Quem diria, para um partido conservador e presuntivamente respeitável não deixa de divertir.

Diários em Leitura

king's counseller.jpg

Sir Alan Frederick “Tommy” Dascelles. Secretário particular de quatro Monarcas. Jorge V. A abdicação de Eduardo VIII. A Segunda Guerra Mundial e Winston Churchill. Jorge VI e Isabel II. Alguns episódios sobre Eduardo:

Dascelles demite-se

When, about the middle of December, we got home, the King was still very ill and one evening I sent the Prince a note saying that I wished to resign. When he asked me why I wanted to leave, I told him what I thought of him and his whole scheme of life, foretelling, with an accuracy that might have surprised me at the time, that he would lose the throne. He heard me with scarcely an interruption, and when we parted, said: “Well, goodnight, Tommy, and thank you for the talk. I suppose the fact of the matter is that I’m quite the wrong sort of person to be Prince of Wales” — which was so pathetically true that it almost melted me.

Aprendiz de Calígula

Ulick Alexander (Keeper of the Privy Purse) has told me that, in the May of that year, he at last induced the King, Edward VIII, to go round his immense kitchen garden and glasshouses at Windsor. The particular pride of the old Scottish gardener was the peach-house, at that time a mass of blossom, promising a record crop of peaches. The King passed no comment till his tour of inspection was ended; he then turned to the gardener, and told him to cut all the blossom on the following day, and to send it to Mrs Simpson, and to one or two other ladies, to embellish their drawing-rooms in London. Caligula himself can never have done anything more wanton.

Espiões em Lisboa

The whole Windsor problem has recently been complicated by the discovery among the German Foreign Office archives at Marburg of a set of top-secret telegrams between Ribbentrop and Stohrer (German Ambassador in Madrid), regarding certain alleged overtures made to the Windsors by German agents when they were marooned in Portugal in May 1940. If the Windsors’ reactions were as implied in this correspondence the result is, to say the least, highly damaging to themselves.


A few years ago, when Winston was still compos mentis, Jock asked him what he really felt about the Abdication, looking back on it after quarter of a century. (…) “Yes, but were you really prepared to accept Mrs Simpson as your queen?” — to which Winston, after a slight pause, replied: “ Never for one moment did I contemplate such a dreadful possibility.” Jock went on to say that Winston and Max Beaverbrook decided early in the Abdication crisis that “Cutie” (their private name for Mrs S) must leave the country as soon as possible. “It must have been fairly easy to persuade her,” said Jock, “when people started throwing bricks through the windows of her flat, and threatening to throw vitriol at her.”
“Max,” said Winston with one of his deepest chuckles, “Max arranged all that.”
A little later Jock found himself next to Beaverbrook after dinner. He put to him the same question that he had asked Winston. B, with his gargoyle smile, answered: “I thought it was all great fun.

[King’s Counsellor.Abdication and War: the Diaries of Sir Alan Lascelles § Orion Books]

A Alemanha também já tem o seu Abu-Ghraib


Five photos threaten to stain the German military’s reputation just as the country debates its role in international security operations. The images, showing German soldiers posing with a skull near Kabul, have sparked outrage from the government and may increase public reluctance to keep troops abroad.

The photos are unmistakably crass, ranging from a shot of a skull mounted over the headlight of a jeep to a close-up of a soldier holding his penis in his left hand and the skull next to it in his right. These are just two of five photos published Wednesday by the German daily Bild, showing members of German security forces in Afghanistan desecrating human remains evidently found while on patrol near Kabul.

Nuremberga, Comissões Militares et al

Scott Horton é advogado e membro destacado do International Law Committee da Ordem dos Advogados de Nova Iorque. Vale bem a pena a algumas almas confusas ler e reflectir na palestra que apresentou à American Society of International Law, na Centennial Conference on The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, centrada no julgamento United States vs. Altstoetter (entre os dossiers de Nuremberga ficou também conhecido como o Justice Case). Destaco algumas passagens:

When Lawyers Are War Criminals

Concerned about the level of resistance faced by German troops in the occupied territories, Hitler instructed Field Marshall Keitel to issue a special decree authorizing extraordinary measures pursuant to which political suspects would simply “disappear” to special detention facilities and might face summary court proceedings. The death penalty appears as the punishment most frequently contemplated. The decree, issued on the same day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) and as the German drive on Moscow stalled and the Soviet counteroffensive had begun, is known as the “Night and Fog Decree” (Nacht- und Nebelerlass), a reference to the covert action it authorized. Contemporaneous documents make clear that it was motivated by the high level of casualties German soldiers were sustaining behind the front in occupied territory. Pacification of this territory was given a high priority.

A team of Justice Department lawyers worked with Keitel and his team at the German General Staff (OKW) on the drafting of the decree and further steps for its implementation. This included a series of highly particularized rules setting out how such detainees were to be treated by police, justice officials and others. The rules specified how such individuals would be permitted to make wills, issue final letters of farewell, what would be done with children born to detainees and how their death could be recorded in the registry. Other lawyers prepared parallel orders creating special secret courts and detention facilities for those interned under the Nacht- und Nebelerlass. These courts were crafted under domestic German law and thus constituted a projection of German law into the occupied territories.

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Melhor que o fórum do Dótor Manuel Acácio


Voto no Eduardinho
Voto em quem conheço de gingeira, o Eduardinho ali para os lados do Rossio, o único consolo para a alma nos tempos que correm. Por falar nisso, não imaginava o Eduardo metido nisto !!!

Na estalagem de Maria Elisa, os portugueses foram entrando, ergueram o arraial e desataram a partir a louça no salão do ponto de vista. Exibem em alvoroço os mais alucinados dotes de interpretação histórica, combinados com alguma lírica caseira (com e sem rima). Amimam-se. Insultam-se. Alinham batalhões contra e em defesa do contabilista que veio de Santa Comba. No meio desta demência, há quem se leve a sério, ou até quem acredite que entre tamanhas almas perturbadas é ainda possível a troca de algumas impressões. Alguns exemplos:

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UMA PROSA COMPLEXA # Contributo para o debate literário que decorre neste blogue

(…) as imagens iniciais mostram uma cama meio desfeita, na qual a “mulher”
(a “esposa”) se encontra deitada, aparentemente nua até à zona púbica, onde o plano
termina. Uma voz masculina em off anuncia, em tom grave e pausado:

“Em Setembro na SIC, o garanhão, a mulher e a amante dele”.

A voz sublinha e identifica as cenas que se vão sucedendo: o “garanhão” – umas vezes
com a “mulher”, outras com a “amante”, em sequência alternada; cenas de sexo
quase explícito e cenas de convívio entre a “mulher” e a “amante” (que é também a
“melhor amiga” da “mulher” dele); cenas em que o “garanhão” oferece rosas e champanhe
a uma delas, aparece de surpresa à outra e acaricia as coxas a uma terceira.

A voz off pontua as cenas com frases sincopadas, alternando frases da “mulher” com
frases da “amante” que acentuam a duplicidade do “garanhão”:

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