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  1. Sabes se alguém já se retratou por causa dos fadunchos castiços que postou no Aspirina B, ó Valupi?

  2. De outros futebóis:

    «In a social experiment, a Jewish and an Arab Israeli were asked by a local TV channel to make terror threats on Facebook. While the “Arab terrorist” was summoned to police, the “Jewish” one got more than 1,200 likes. Facebook itself failed to react to suspicious posts.
    The experiment conducted by Israel’s Channel 10 TV was originally aimed at examining the effectiveness of the social network in combating the incitement of hatred and terror. It followed a recent dispute between the Israeli government and Facebook senior executives on the matter.
    The channel asked two young Israelis, a Jew named Daniel Levy and a Palestinian, Shadi Khalieleh, to post a message claiming that they intend to carry out an act of terrorism, Amir Regev, a producer at Channel 10, said in an email to RT. It was made clear that they are taking part in an experiment and do not actually intend to do any harm.
    The sentences the two participants of the experiment were asked to use were picked from the phrases that real terrorists had written on Facebook before committing their attacks. The channel wanted to find out whether the network will notice suspicious messages and how long it will take to take down the posts that were illegal under Facebook policy.»

    Tirado daqui: https://www.rt.com/news/350961-israel-facebook-arab-jewish-terrorism/

  3. Sem sombra de dúvida, todos os terroristas são iguais, mas alguns são mais iguais do que outros.

  4. De um campeonato ainda melhor são os comentários a essa “notícia”, ó Dr. Camacho.

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