Good food for good thought

When people are angry, they want to see their anger reflected in their leaders. Many voters believe “that getting angry is somehow a ‘good thing’ in a leader, and that the [apparent] absence of anger betokens someone who is out of touch or insensitive to the moral dimensions of the problem,” psychiatrist Ronald Pies of SUNY Upstate Medical Center wrote in Psychiatric Times. “There is a ‘magical’ dimension to intense anger: it transforms the world from one in which the person feels helpless and impotent into one in which the person has the illusion of power and control.

I’m Mad as Hell … and I’m Going to Vote!

3 thoughts on “Good food for good thought”

  1. A dimensão (explicação) psi é importante e interessante, mas insuficiente. As respostas são mais trans do que disciplinares. Mas, se cada um der o que tem…


  2. Hoje sinto-me como o raio do tempo lá fora:

    Argh. Isto está muito longe de ter acabado. A melhor expressão sobre as políticas económicas que li nas ultimas semanas:

    So the political system is biased toward caution, which isn’t a particularly good bias to have amid a financial crisis that requires massive, unconventional economic policy interventions. But because the policies were too cautious, they don’t solve the problem, and that discredits them, which leaves the government without tools and the economy in tatters. It’s a bit like taking too few antibiotics, noticing that you’re still sick, and swearing off antibiotics altogether.

    Pronto. Desculpem o desabafo.

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