Dedicado ao maradona

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mk741 said: Before I critique the review, good on GT for reviewing the PC version. Anyways, my thoughts on the review itself; 1. I guarantee GT won’t take such a condescending attitude towards MW3’s campaign/ story (you especially won’t hear the its a story we’ve all heard before line). They’ll probably call MW3’s campaign a fun ride, or some shit. Let’s be honest with ourselves here: While it’s clear Battlefield lacks anything of real narrative interest to their campaigns, MW3’s story will be nothing more than a mindless Michael Baysplosion fest with all powerful America taking down insert foreign nation here with a mindblowingly stupid twist at the end. There will also be vain attempts to be edgy with over the top violence in the cutscenes (insert silly torture scene here) that only impress little boys and dialogue that even Michael Bay would scoff at. It happened in MW2. It happened in World at War. It happened in Black Ops. The pattern ain’t changing for MW3. Can you enjoy COD’s storytelling? By all means. But is it realistically any better than what Battlefield churns out? Nope. 2. I hate when reviewers do this. They die while playing the game, and think it’s the game’s fault/ a design flaw. Simply sucking at a game is your own fault. To whoever reviewed BF3, you died. Sorry, but it’s simply because you did something wrong. Not the game’s faults. YOURS. Games are designed to be a trial and error process, and if you fault a game for not approaching it correctly (i.e. running into open fire and expecting to kill everyone), you should evaluate how you review games, or just stop reviewing games all together. Through the act of dieing, you learn from your mistakes and subsequently improve as a player. Common fucking sense here. Sorry I sound mad, but really can’t stand when reviewing do this (especially considering they’re grown ass men, and not a 10 year old whose never played a video game before). Also I was confused at the complaining over the more open levels. In a world where most modern FPS campaigns are designed like a straight line with no exploration, more open levels in the campaign sounds like a welcome change. 3. If GT themselves label it one of the greatest looking games of all time, I would think they’d have given it a 10 in the visual department. It deserves it anyhow when it’s handed that kind of compliment. I mean if BF3 doesn’t deserve a 10 in the visual department… then what does? We are dealing with a game that’s literally has next-gen visuals. 4. Highlighting the learning curve and teamwork elements in a negative light. Look, will some people be put off my dieing constantly when they first get online? Probably. I got annoyed when I got my ass handed to me constantly in BC2 when I first got on. And when I pick up my copy of BF3, I expect to be completely owned on my first couple MP playthroughs (actually probably more than just a couple…). But in my eyes, a game that delivers instant gratification to it’s player is infinitely worse than a game with a steep learning curve. We should appreciate the fact that succeeding at BF3 requires actual skill and dedication (not just being a lone wolf, finding a place to camp, and racking up a kill streak) and asks the player to use some basic form of strategy/ teamwork. Case in point, do you expect to get on SFIV (without ever playing it) and expect to own everyone? Nope. You’ll probably rack up 10 straight losses. But losing is a part of any real competition, and losing is a key part in becoming a winner. You have to start at the bottom, and work your way up to the top. This is a fact of life, applicable to a lot of things beyond gaming. And remember, you’re only a real loser if you quit. All that being said, a 5 hr campaign is disappointing, but it’s clear that the SP has never been the focus of big FPS’s this gen, and I’m pretty sure some will immediately jump online, and maybe not even touch the BF3’s SP. The co-op missions look alright (people will probably give em a couple playthroughs), but again seem simply overshadowed by the monstrously awesome looking multiplayer. It’s frankly all about the multiplayer and visuals, and in that regard, BF3 looks to deliver.

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