Revolution through evolution

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4 thoughts on “Revolution through evolution”

  1. Bom dia , Val, por aqui passo sempre, embora mais raramente venha a terreiro… Hoje venho aqui para assinalar a passagem do filme “Godzilla”:
    Nos tempos “revoltos” que a humanidade atravessa mais uma vez – e não me venham dizer que a História não se repete…! – apenas quero sublinhar o comentário do prof. japonês, Jason Jones, sobre o como deveriamos pensar o futuro, e transcrevo-o simplesmente:

    “This to me is one of the most important things about Godzilla: Reconnecting him to that original narrative that allows humans to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask these difficult but very important questions: Are we doing what responsible humans should be doing?”

    The human issues that are embedded in the stories – war, pollution, technology – make Godzilla a global cautionary tale.

    “The first Godzilla came out almost a decade after the conclusion of WWII. It really is about Japan being dragged back into wartime,” says Jones. “So Godzilla is this threat of war, this threat of the past that just won’t go away. He also represents the development of nuclear technology – that power for life to change in an instant.”

    Good week…and good luck!

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