4 thoughts on “Interesse público? Pieguices…”

  1. pois é , o trump e a américa do trump é que são horrorosos…o biden e a américa do biden são uns anjinhos superiormente inteligentes.
    e há sempre um ponto positivo : o histórico choradinho , a cartada genocídio e antissemitismo já não valem um corno , nem no ocidente.
    “Second, even though the South African application focuses on Israel, it has huge implications for the United States, especially President Biden and his principal lieutenants. Why? Because there is little doubt that the Biden administration is complicitous in Israel’s genocide, which is also a punishable act according to the Genocide Convention. Despite his admission that Israel is engaged in “indiscriminate bombing,” President Biden has also stated that “we’re not going to do a damn thing other than protect Israel. Not a single thing.”6 He has been true to his word, going so far as to bypass Congress twice to quickly get additional armaments to Israel. Leaving aside the legal implications of his behavior, Biden’s name – and America’s name – will be forever associated with what is likely to become one of the textbook cases of attempted genocide.”

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