Começa a semana com isto

«A dilettante is one who takes himself more seriously than his work; and doctrinaires enamoured of their theories or ingenious ideas are dilettanti in public affairs. On the contrary, the historical approach is intellectually humble; the aim is to comprehend situations, to study trends, to discover how things work: and the crowning attainment of historical study is a historical sense - an intuitive understanding of how things do not happen (how they did happen is a matter of specific knowledge.)»

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  1. Slavoj Zizek: In the West, people aren’t even aware they’re not free
    Published: 13 Dec 2021 | 07:57 GMT

    The story of a Chinese migrant worker who translated a book about 20th-century German philosopher Martin Heidegger from English into Mandarin went viral last month. Could ordinary people studying philosophy save the world?

    Chen Zi was born in 1990 in Jiangxi, in southeast China. In 2008, having failed his exams, he dropped out of university, where he’d been studying mathematics, and roamed the country for over 10 years, working mainly in factories to make a living.

    Despite often having to do exhausting 12-hour shifts of repetitive and debilitating labor, Chen, whose real passion had always been philosophy, managed to learn English and began reading Heidegger. This year, while working in a factory in Xiamen, over the course of four months, he finished a translation into Chinese of a book by an American philosophy professor, Richard Polt, titled ‘Heidegger: An Introduction’. Having also completed some other translations, he asked online if anyone could help him publish them, having been told his chances of finding a publisher were very slim. When his post was discovered by the media, he became a hot topic on the internet.

    Is there something liberating in this dedication to Heidegger or is it a false way out? It is easy to imagine the orthodox Marxist answer: assembly line workers do not need Heidegger as an antidote; what they need is to change their miserable working conditions.

    Heidegger appears to have been a really bad choice for Chen, and for obvious reasons. After the posthumous publication of his private jottings in his ‘Black Notebooks’ in 2017, attempts abounded to exclude him from the list of philosophers to be taken seriously, on account of his anti-Semitism and Nazi links.

    However, for this very reason, one should insist that Heidegger remains pertinent: even when he is at his worst, unexpected links open themselves up. In the mid-1930s, he said: “There are human beings and human groups (Negroes like, for example, Kaffirs) who have no history … however, animal and plant life has a thousand year long and eventful history … within the human region, history can be missing, as with Negroes.” (“Kaffir” was, at the time of apartheid, an ethnic slur used to refer to black Africans in South Africa.) The quoted lines are strange, even by Heidegger’s standards: so, animals and plants do have history, but “Negroes” do not? “Animal and plant life has a thousand year long and eventful history” – but, for sure, not in Heidegger’s strict sense of the epochal disclosures of being. Besides, where then do countries such as China or India stand, given they are also not historical in Heidegger’s specific sense?

    Is this it, then? Should the case of Grant Farred, a noted contemporary black philosopher, born in South Africa, who teaches at Cornell University, in Ithaka, New York, be dismissed as a simple case of misunderstanding?

    Farred’s short book ‘Martin Heidegger Saved My Life’ was written in reaction to a racist encounter. In the fall of 2013, while he was raking leaves outside his home, a white woman stopped by and asked him, “Would you like another job?”, obviously mistaking him for a paid gardener of the family she assumed lived in the house. Farred sarcastically responded: “Only if you can match my Cornell faculty salary.” In order to understand what happened, Farred turned to Heidegger: “Heidegger saved me because he gave me the language to write about race in such a way as I’d never written it before. Heidegger enabled me to write in this way because he has made me think about how to think.”

    What he found so useful in Heidegger was the notion of language as a “house of being” – not the abstract-universal language of science and state administration, but language rooted in a particular way of life, language as the medium of an always-unique life experience that discloses reality to us in a historically specific way. It is easy to imagine how such a stance enables a subject to resist being swallowed into a global universe of technological domination. However, is this the way to fight what is often called the “Americanization” of our lives? To answer this question, we have to think – and, as Farred repeatedly points out, this is what he learnt from Heidegger – not just to think but to think about thinking.

    To make it clear, I am not a Heideggerian. But what I do know is that we live in a unique moment that gives rise to the urgency to think. It is not a peaceful time that provides the opportunity to comfortably withdraw into reflection on the world, but a time when our survival as humans is under threat from different directions: the prospect of total digital control that plans to invade our mind itself (“wired brain”), uncontrollable viral infections, the effects of global warming. We are all affected by these threats – and so-called ‘ordinary people’ even more than others.

    So we should celebrate miracles such as the one involving Chen Zi. They demonstrate that philosophy is much more than an academic discipline – it is something that can, all of a sudden, interrupt the course of our daily life and make us perplexed.

    French philosopher Alain Badiou opens his book ‘The True Life’ with the provocative claim that, from Socrates onward, the function of philosophy is to “corrupt the youth,” to alienate them from the predominant ideologico-political order. Such “corruption” is needed today, especially in the liberal, permissive West, where most people are not even aware of the way the establishment controls them precisely when they appear to be free. After all, the most dangerous unfreedom is the unfreedom that we experience as freedom.

    Is a “free” populist who works on destroying the thick social network of customs really free? Mao Zedong famously said in the 1950s: “Let a hundred flowers bloom. Let a hundred schools of thought contend.” Today, we should say: Let a hundred Chen Zis study philosophy – for only in this way will we find a way out of our sad predicament.

    Tirado do canal da Moscóvia, uma das poucas praias onde ainda se pode encontrar gente que pensa:
    Slavoj Zizek: In the West, people aren’t even aware they’re not free

  2. Ó sipaio idiota e analfabeto, querias que um canal da Moscóvia defendesse o quê? Os interesses geostratégicos do “império do bem”? Não te bastam para isso CNN, Fox, MSNBC e, do lado de cá, os sipaios da tua laia que infestam BBC, Sky News, SIC, TVI, RTP e CMTV? Ó namorado do porcalhatz, além de simplório, és mesmo palhaço! Parece que o Circo Chen está a contratar, apressa-te!

  3. Só faltava cá o Zizek, a maior caganeira mental dos tempos que correm. Ao lado dele, até o Trump parece pouco perverso.

  4. demorei um pouco a perceber, o neurónio a esta hora está exaurido.
    então, vamos lá: é muito mais importante o carácter naquilo que fazemos, na percepção holística que temos do que pensamos e como pensamos, que nasce do essencial que é invisível aos olhos, do que o que podemos apreender através da informação. quero dizer que enquanto que no primeiro caso trata-se de conhecimento do que somos e do que fazemos e pensamos e queremos descobrir e desenvolver e inovar e criar baseado no que somos, no segundo caso trata-se de mera reprodução de informação.

    se transpusermos isto para a Cidade, também para a Cidade, e para quem exerce a política, vamos de encontro ao carisma. e é isso que queremos a guiar-nos na Cidade: pessoas carismáticas.
    há um livro que começa em voltaire que fala nisto, nisto do texto acima, não da minha interpretação.

  5. « Nous travaillons pour l’État, nous défendons notre patrie, comme le fait par exemple l’armée »
    Margarita Simonian, rédactrice en chef de RT, le 18 février 2021

    Belo exemplo, sipaio! Para quem, como tu, defende a “pátria” de terceiros, a saber: a da ladroagem bombista do lado de lá do Atlântico e a da ladroagem terrorista nazionista da “única democracia do Médio Oriente”, é natural que tal afirmação pareça estranha, quase extraterrestre. Enfim, são coisas que uma minhoca como tu nunca poderá entender, porque o teu lema rançoso “a bem da nação” nem sincero é. Como está a vista para a Fonte Luminosa, pá? Continua linda, I suppose. E o turismo sexual lá para o Extremo Oriente? Imagino o frémito de excitação que te percorre as anafadas peles à simples evocação de horas bem passadas! Vai comer na peida, lacaio!

  6. A realidade é bem diferente da propaganda que certa mula-russa imbecil difunde acerca das supostas liberdades do jornalismo e do respeito dos direitos humanos na Rússia do czar Putin. Naquele país ficamos a saber o tratamento reservado à “gente que pensa”.
    Tal como na Chechénia do sátrapa russo Kadirov, na Síria do amigo ditador Assad ou na China do imperador Jinping. Personagens que contam com a benevolente compreensão da mula-russa de serviço, há muito tempo prostituído na sua coerência, em troca do salário que o fez trabalhar para os “mérdia” e na sua exemplar estupidez de unipolar atávico.

  7. Sobre Julian Assange, escreve Chris Hedges, americano de lei, mas poderia escrever Franz Kafka, judeu de lei nado em império defunto, que hoje seria também checo de lei.

    Hedges: The Execution of Julian Assange

    December 13, 2021

    He committed empire’s greatest sin. He exposed it as a criminal enterprise. He documented its lies, callous disregard for human life, rampant corruption and innumerable war crimes. And empires always kill those who inflict deep and serious wounds.

    By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost

    Let us name Julian Assange’s executioners. Joe Biden. Boris Johnson. Scott Morrison. Theresa May. Lenin Moreno. Donald Trump. Barack Obama. Mike Pompeo. Hillary Clinton. Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett and Justice Timothy Victor Holroyde. Crown Prosecutors James Lewis, Clair Dobbin and Joel Smith. District Judge Vanessa Baraitser. Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia Gordon Kromberg. William Burns, the director of the CIA. Ken McCallum, the Director General of the UK Security Service or MI5.

    Let us acknowledge that the goal of these executioners, who discussed kidnapping and assassinating Assange, has always been his annihilation. That Assange, who is in precarious physical and psychological health and who suffered a stroke during court video proceedings on October 27, has been condemned to death should not come as a surprise. The ten years he has been detained, seven in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and nearly three in the high security Belmarsh prison, were accompanied with a lack of sunlight and exercise and unrelenting threats, pressure, anxiety and stress. “His eyes were out of sync, his right eyelid would not close, his memory was blurry,” his fiancé Stella Morris said of the stroke.
    Assange committed empire’s greatest sin. He exposed it as a criminal enterprise. He documented its lies, callous disregard for human life, rampant corruption and innumerable war crimes. Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Labour. Trump or Biden. It does not matter. The goons who oversee the empire sing from the same Satanic songbook. Empires always kill those who inflict deep and serious wounds. Rome’s long persecution of the Carthaginian general Hannibal, forcing him in the end to commit suicide, and the razing of Carthage repeats itself in epic after epic. Crazy Horse. Patrice Lumumba. Malcolm X. Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Sukarno. Ngo Dinh Diem. Fred Hampton. Salvador Allende. If you cannot be bought off, if you will not be intimidated into silence, you will be killed. The obsessive CIA attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro, which because none succeeded have a Keystone Cop incompetence to them, included contracting Momo Salvatore Giancana, Al Capone’s successor in Chicago, along with Miami mobster Santo Trafficante to kill the Cuban leader, attempting to poison Castro’s cigars with a botulinum toxin, providing Castro with a tubercle bacilli-infected scuba-diving suit, booby-trapping a conch shell on the sea floor where he often dived, slipping botulism-toxin pills in one of Castro’s drinks and using a pen outfitted with a hypodermic needle to poison him.

    Completo aqui:

    E também no canal da Moscóvia, aqui:
    Chris Hedges: The execution of Julian Assange

  8. No canal da Moscóvia, que o idiota namorado do porcalhatz diz que só faz propaganda da Putinlândia:

    Russian prison sexual abuse scandal: Guards in Saratov encouraged inmates to beat & extort each other, former convict tells RT

    Barbarism behind bars: Rape & torture in Russia’s prisons laid bare by thousands of leaked videos, human rights activists tell RT

    Russia’s latest prison torture scandal, like Guantanamo, shows the worst human rights violations happen out of sight, out of mind

    Russia’s economy is obsolete, ‘exhausted’ & has failed to transition to better, modern model, says ex-finance minister Kudrin

    Silent epidemic: Two thirds of murdered Russian women killed by domestic violence, say researchers using code to scan grisly cases

    The Prosecutor’s Office in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod has filed a lawsuit demanding that Male State, a far-right hate group known for online harassment, be declared an extremist organization and banned from operating

    Far-right anti-LGBT group Male State banned in Russia after court brands group ‘extremist’ amid string of harassment campaigns

    És mais estúpido do que as vacas felizes do Cavaco, poltrão sem nome.

  9. Sipaio namoradinho do porcalhatz, para reforçar a tua posição, tens aqui, num canal moscóvico ainda mais pior mau do que a RT-Russia Today, uma conversa do grão-capeta Vladimir Putin (julgo que com uma responsável autárquica) sobre alternativas para resolver o problema dos 80 a 100 mil sem-abrigo que se calcula existirem só na região de Moscovo. O energúmeno pergunta, sem qualquer pudor, se o método tradicional da injecção atrás da orelha será suficiente ou se devem ser equacionadas câmaras de gás modernizadas, com jacuzzis e tudo (tem legendas, para quem, como eu, não catrapisca o patuá da Moscóvia):

    Na peidola, cretino farsola!

  10. É esta merda [RSF/RWB – Reporters Sans Frontières/Reporters Without Borders], apoiados por trumpistas, neocons e resto da merda da Amérdica, alguns fascistas do Frankreich e restante trampa sortida, esta corja de vendidos autoclassificados como jornalistas, com supremacistas brancos à cabeça, que te serve como referência, palhaço? Porra, que és ainda mais estúpido do que eu pensava. Um cheirinho:

    “Today, the RSF’s total budget is 6.1 million euros. It funds only 20% of its activities internally. Over 40% is based on “institutional grants” (French foreign ministry, French defense ministry), whereas 35% stems from “private foundations and NGOs” (e.g., NEDA, Ford Foundation) and “corporate and individual donations” (e.g., American Express, French bank Société Générale).
    Through their funding, billionaires, including George Soros via his Open Society and Pierre Omidyar, have indirectly shaped RSF activities. In return for French and US funds, the RSF has been largely silent about media abuses in France and the West.”

    Mais aqui:
    “(…) Most media NGOs are led by veteran journalists, whereas the organization behind the Index [RSF – Reporters Sans Frontières] was founded by Robert Ménard whose media experience was limited to a pirate radio station and an unpopular magazine that performed so poorly it had to be closed down. It was then – in 1985 – that and three of his colleagues co-founded the Reporters sans Frontières (Reporters Without Borders, RSF). (…)
    Inspired by political extremism since a child, Ménard grew of age in a family with links to the far-right terrorist OAS; a French paramilitary group that contributed to Algeria’s massacres in the 1950s and terrorism in France, including assassination attempts against President De Gaulle and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.
    Toward the end of his RSF reign, Ménard embraced far-right publicly. Since 2014, he has served as Mayor of Béziers in Southern France. A known Islamophobic, he has warned Muslim refugees they are not welcome in France. Like ex-President Trump’s far-right mobs, he touts the white genocide conspiracy that “Jews and globalists” seek to replace whites with Muslims from the Middle East.
    More recently, the RSF has been led by Christophe Deloire, who is more cautious in rhetoric but shares Ménard’s geopolitics and touts the RSF’s new Information and Democracy Forum. Like his predecessor, Deloire has alienated the RSF organization, thanks to restructuring, departures and layoffs. (…)
    From Ménard to Deloire, the RSF has cherished odd bedfellows. Amid the 2002 coup against Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, the RSF sided with the plotters, as it did in the coups against Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, and Evo Morales in Bolivia. According to critics, as Ménard and his colleagues have acknowledged, the RSF has cooperated and coordinated with US State Department against Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.
    The regime-change activities were funded by USAID Cuba Program, “Freedom of Information” initiatives and the NEDA. In return, the Bush administration funded RSF and like-minded NGOs. In 2007, the thankful RSF justified the Iraq invasion, with Ménard arguing for the legality of torture. Similar joint interests mark RSF activities in the Middle East (Libya, Iran, Iraq).
    Now RSF hopes to achieve the same in Asia. In 2017, it appointed Cédric Alviani the head of its first Asia bureau based in Taiwan, in convergence with the goals of the Trump administration and Taiwanese government. Alviani aligned RSF with Hong Kong’s turmoil, while offering interviews to the Epoch Times, which has touted RSF and Alviani for “warning people to beware of China’s disinformation about the Chinese Communist Party virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus.” The key supporter of ex-President Trump, the QAnon and conspiracy stories, the Epoch Times is a far-right Taiwanese media outlet whose cultist members believe that in the Judgment Day they will rise to Heaven and all Communists will go to Hell. (…)
    Today, the RSF’s total budget is 6.1 million euros. It funds only 20% of its activities internally. Over 40% is based on “institutional grants” (French foreign ministry, French defense ministry), whereas 35% stems from “private foundations and NGOs” (e.g., NEDA, Ford Foundation) and “corporate and individual donations” (e.g., American Express, French bank Société Générale).
    Through their funding, billionaires, including George Soros via his Open Society and Pierre Omidyar, have indirectly shaped RSF activities. In return for French and US funds, the RSF has been largely silent about media abuses in France and the West. (…)

    Media predators only in developing economies

    The RSF publishes a gallery of “Predators of Press Freedom,” presumably highlighting the most international violators of press freedom, based on its Index. The slick image of “predators” reflects the RSF’s reliance on campaign ads by Saatchi & Saatchi that once orchestrated the campaign that brought Margaret Thatcher to power in the UK.
    Most RSF Predators are countries that the US has broadly criticized, sanctioned, or targeted in new cold and hot wars, and regime change efforts, including China, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and so on.
    Some 15 years ago, Singapore’s then-PM Goh Chok Tong denounced the Index as “a subjective measure computed through the prism of Western liberals.” Not much has changed since then. The RSF gallery does not feature a single Western country, despite known media abuses in the high-income Western countries. Indeed, the French daily Libération, which has funded the RSF, has criticized it for keeping mum about the abuses of the Western media: “Many blame the group for its ferocity against Cuba and Venezuela, and indulgence toward the United States.” (…)

    Tirado daqui:

  11. Eh pá! E tu, que há alguns meses, com uma máscara diferente (mas sempre mascarado), me “exigias” respostas a perguntas idiotas, continuas sem responder às minhas, muito mais fáceis de responder. Sai copy paste:

    — Como está a vista para a Fonte Luminosa, pá? Continua linda, I suppose. E o turismo sexual lá para o Extremo Oriente? Imagino o frémito de excitação que te percorre as anafadas peles à simples evocação de horas bem passadas! Vai comer na peida, lacaio!

  12. Inesgotável nos recursos da sua imbecilidade, a mula russa manda às urtigas a independência, isenção e rigor jornalísticos. Foi uma treta de jornalista, hoje é intelectualmente uma treta. Uma vergonha com nome próprio. Os seus comentários, que despeja com a incontinência dum atrasado mental, vão directamente para o sítio próprio: o cano de esgoto. Sem direito a reciclagem.

  13. por isso é que gosto de Weber , e dos seu “tipo-ideal” . entretanto , esse moço podia fazer a psico história da sua tribo , para ver se percebe porque ao longo dos séculos repetem sempre o mesmo esquema , acabando sempre da mesma maneira : fugindo.

  14. Namorado do porcalhatz, devias ter-te ficado pelo copy paste da minha prosa. Como parasita que és, conseguias pelo menos algum estilo, o meu, e alguma contundência, a minha. Quando escarafunchas na tripa própria, cagas prosa mal enjorcada, raivinha castrada, analfice pretensiosa, rosnadelas de capado. A propósito de analfices, cu não leva acento, burrico! O único cu com assento, e não acento, será o teu quando a empregada te assentar um biqueiro na peida, cabrão. Estás a ver a utilidade de um revisor? Mas tenho de te agradecer a dedicação exclusiva, pide ranhoso, prova viva de que alguma coisa ando a fazer bem. Bem, “prova viva” é modo de dizer, vírus não é organismo vivo. Mas és um vírus fraquito, pá, um microcromicron, contra ti ninguém precisa de vacina.

  15. agora deu-lhe para corrigir coisas que ninguém escreveu. parece o polígrafo do ferrão a propagar notícias que ninguém leu.

  16. Se a imbecilidade da mula russa pagasse imposto, as finanças do Estado português apresentariam um superavit crónico. Infelizmente assim não sucede. A referida criatura – medíocre jornalista e intelectualmente medíocre – vai gozando a reforma paga pelo Estado à custa do suor alheio, enquanto apresenta cada vez mais sinais dum desequilíbrio mental subdiagnosticado, a carecer de tratamento clínico.

  17. “agora deu-lhe para corrigir coisas que ninguém escreveu. parece o polígrafo do ferrão a propagar notícias que ninguém leu.”

    “camacho joaquim
    11 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2021 ÀS 18:04
    (…) Algo mais do que cartas abertas ao Cavaco, que este não julgou dignas sequer de serem usadas para limpar o cú. (…)”

    Merda de pide cábula, até a socorrer o namorado é incompetente.

  18. 1 – onze de dezembro foi na semana passada
    2 – não está relacionado com este poste e muito menos com assumpto que o mesmo trata
    3 – camacho joaquim deve ser o teu nome em versão 007
    4 – só um tarado em acentos é que vasculha arquivos à procura de utilizações incorrectas
    5 – incompetente és tu com essa figura de náufrago agarrado a um acento em vez de responder às acusações que te fazem
    6 – não te esqueças de regar a plantação de sinalética ortográfica que exibes nos teus comentários jardim infantil. essa porra seca e enrolada em zig-zag deve dar umas juntas bué da naices.

  19. O prémio Sakharov atribuído a Alexei Navalny é, em primeiro lugar, um justo prémio para o galardoado. Depois, uma bofetada de luva branca dada ao regime de Putin. E, por fim, mais um atestado de imbecilidade passado à mula russa.

  20. Navalny? Aquele gajo que sobreviveu miraculosamente a um ataque com Novichok?
    Juntamos o Skripal e percebemos que os agentes russos e o extremamente mortal agente de nervos, criado pelos pelos soviéticos na década de 70, já não são o que eram. Além de não conseguirem transformar os ditos em mártires, conforme as ordens de Putin (vá-se lá saber o que é que ele ganhava com isso) ainda os foram deixar vivos, mas deixando todas as marcas possíveis e imaginárias que permitissem (convenientemente) incriminar o Kremlin.
    Como é possível o Putin governar o maior país do mundo se é tão estúpido.
    …ao contrário dos americanos e da sua propaganda, lóle!
    Essa do prémio Sakharov deve ser tipo o Nobel da paz do Obama.
    Fónix, meu!

  21. Alexei Navalny é um xenófobo e racista de merda, o Ventura da Moscóvia, em pior. Compara imigrantes a baratas e ainda há poucos anos exibia, num canal que tinha no YouTube, a pistola que dizia ser a melhor forma de lidar com eles, mas o namorado do porcalhatz, pide estúpido e incompetente, pensa que nós não sabemos disso. O xenófobo e racista Navalny é mais um idiota útil, tão idiota que ainda não percebeu que a sua maior (e derradeira) utilidade será quando der o peido final, convenientemente novichokado pelo império do bem, caninamente assessorado pelos sipaios da pérfida Albion (como fizeram ao Skripal) e avençados continentais, que no segundo seguinte, aos saltinhos e gritinhos, apontarão à Moscóvia a autoria do infausto mas oportuníssimo passamento.

    Dois coelhos de uma cajadada: livram-se de um cretino condenado por vigarices várias, que por isso mesmo, por associação e a prazo, daria mau nome ao império bombista humanitário e sus muchachos do lado de cá, e eliminam um tipo que, no que toca à política externa do seu país, tem posições no essencial coincidentes com as de Putin, nomeadamente quanto à reintegração da Crimeia na pátria russa, o que, no futuro, o tornaria incómodo. Navalny está no chilindró por vigarices várias, entre elas desvio de fundos de uma filial russa da empresa francesa Yves Rocher, e não por motivos políticos, como o império bombista e seus lacaios despejam pela goela abaixo dos borregos acéfalos.

    Como lembra o Vieira, “essa do prémio Sakharov deve ser tipo o Nobel da Paz do Obama” (Nobel por antecipação, coisa nunca vista nem ouvista!). Obama que, e agora lembro eu, MULTIPLICOU POR DEZ o número de bombardeamentos e assassínios com drones cometidos pelo seu antecessor George Bush, outro saudoso bombista humanitário, que o Bará Kobama chutou do Guinness enquanto o Diabo esfrega um olho.

    Cambada de pides incompetentes! Ide fazer o trabalho de casa, cabrões!

  22. Brrrrrrrrrr!! Hackers da Moscóvia, a “maior ameaça cibernética à Europa”, na patusca terminologia do porcalhatz, bully residente e pide incompetente:

    “In disclosing their files had been hacked by HelloKitty, an Oregon medical outfit let it slip that the FBI calls them “a Ukrainian hacking group,” the first such revelation about the previously mysterious miscreants.

    The Oregon Anesthesiology Group (OAG) came under cyber attack in July, with the hackers gaining access to the information of 522 current and former employees and some 750,000 patients. The FBI has since seized a HelloKitty account that contained some of the files, the OAG said in a breach disclosure statement.

    While the statement itself was made public on December 6, it was only noticed by the media on Wednesday, and only because it contained the revelation that the FBI considered the hackers Ukrainian.

    According to the cybersecurity publication The Record, none of the previous alerts about the group, whether by US government organizations or private security firms, contained any hint about the gang’s location.

    The HelloKitty ransomware, also known as FiveHands, was first noticed in January this year. Its most notable attack was against the Polish game developer CD Projekt Red – the studio behind ‘The Witcher’ series and ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ – in February.

    In the note sent to OAG on October 21, the FBI said the hackers most likely exploited a vulnerability in the third-party firewall to gain access to the network. The ransomware attack reportedly forced OAG to restore their systems from backups and rebuild their entire infrastructure from scratch.

    According to OAG, the hackers potentially made off with patient names, addresses, appointment dates, medical record numbers, insurance ID numbers, and diagnosis and procedure codes. They also potentially accessed current and former employee data, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers and tax information on file.”

    Tirado do site putinista, como não podia deixar de ser:
    Notorious HelloKitty hackers tracked to unexpected country

  23. Brrrrrrrr!!! Evil Russian bullets killing good old peaceful Americans!

    “Exports of Russian ammunition to the US have hit an all-time high, despite Washington imposing sanctions on Moscow’s arms industries, forcing buyers to exploit loopholes to get their hands on supplies of bullets and shells.

    A new report by the US Census Bureau, seen by business daily RBK on Wednesday, shows that American companies bought $157.9 million worth of Russian ammunition in just the first 10 months of 2021, the most since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The previous record was $148 million in 2016, over the course of 12 months. In 2020, US companies imported $120 million worth of ammo from Russia.

    In total, American firms imported more than 7,700 tons of Russian ammunition in January-October 2021.

    These record figures came in spite of measures brought by Washington against Russian arms manufacturers. In August, the US State Department announced “a second round of sanctions on the Russian Federation over its use of a ‘Novichok’ nerve agent” in the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny. The package included restrictions on firearms and ammunition manufactured in Russia.

    The US National Rifle Association complained that the sanctions would do more to hurt American businesses than Russia, explaining, “Ammunition exports to the United States are only a small percentage of the GDP of the Russian Federation, but Russian origin ammo makes up a large part of the American ammunition supply.”

    Yuri Kapyshtyk, a Russian lawyer, agreed with the NRA’s assessment, telling Izvestia that Russian factories would be able to survive on state orders and other export markets.

    However, many US importers were able to bypass the measures thanks to a loophole that allowed them to get two-year licenses for ammunition purchasing in the interval between the announcement of the sanctions and their actual imposition. American businesses that received these licenses will be able to continue purchasing Russian ammo unimpeded until the fall of 2023, RBK reported.”

    Russia sending record number of bullets to US

  24. Uma mula russa que branqueia ditadores, um medíocre imbecil que envergonha com o seu exemplo o jornalismo e é politicamente conivente com criminosos não tem moral que lhe sustente o direito de apontar o dedo seja a quem for, senão a si próprio, ornado com duas orelhas de asno.
    Que as afirmações xenófobas e racistas de Navalny se colem a ti, cabrão antisemita, hipocritamente mascarado de humanóide anti nazi-sionista, que não se olha ao espelho!
    Vai trabalhar tu e ganha direito ao que comes, em vez de seres sustentado pelo que me descontam no salário. Vai trabalhar, cabrão!!!!

  25. A mula russa imbecil reitera a velha amálgama “nazismo=sionismo”.
    Intelectualmente desonesto até à medula do osso, só lhe resta uma solução de honestidade: assumir o nazi-camachismo.

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