Ask any conspiracy theorist worried about nutrition and he will tell you (with more conviction than is needed to write this) that the surest way of keeping the mind strong, healthy and under control is giving our bodies some well measured, preferably uncontaminated food – the food that allows that mind to function to perfection and in freedom. And he will probably let you know, just for the record, that keeping our mucosae in daily contact with all important micro-nutrients is part of the secret which helps us to see the world in a way far beyond the reach of those who fill their supermarket trolleys with two-litre bottles of coke and three-for-two giant pizzas not baked by our grandmothers in Italy. If in good mood, our conspiracy theorist will also tell you about mineral transmutations inside plants and animals in complete disagreement with official scientific beliefs.

Let’s just say our nutrition-fixed conspiracy theorist friend is making a very important point. However, we have the right to wonder how much this nutrition-for-perfect-health culture is already showing signs of incautiousness and ineffectualness. Or perhaps showing something even more serious: that the whole thing is becoming a tool in the hands of the very same masters of those governmental bodies and agencies all the time feigning to be, in the name of science and common sense, very concerned about our “ridiculous” fad of ingesting a plethora of lab manufactured nutrients. From a pessimist’s point of view, a future for US is being planned by THEM, using our own hurriedly chosen weapons from THEIR carefully elaborated catalogues. Visions of well organized vitamin C and B-complex mafias, with all the usual government/police connections, or of alpha-lipoic acid pushers at work in the dark corners of the big cities, are not farfetched. Be sceptical and look inside your tablet, while you have time.

If we are learning anything from those bits of historical truth and maverick science reaching us every day, apparently without the consent of the powers which have been ruling the world for many centuries, we can bet without much fear of losing, that every major social fad (from nutrition awareness to regenerated/modernized beliefs in the “democratic” process, or God, Pop Music or Sport, all requiring some sort of widespread robotic dedication and involvement) is bound, sooner or later, to become another clever political toy in the hands of extremely intelligent bully boys.

With historical persistence and cunning and power for observation and plan, the master-manipulators will do their best to reform, redirect, reshape or reconstruct our fervours and love for new ideas and products. THEY will always be prepared to provide us with the required chemistry, the salt and pepper standing next to every pre-written menu, and nothing will be left to chance when it comes to matters of feeding our illusions or stomachs. The cooks of history will always keep an eye on our preferences and changes of taste. They will, if they have not already been waiting for it, carefully observe our growing passions or diminished interest for anything that pops up naturally. Fancy some Viagra or olive oil? No problem, sir. They will keep your fake orgasmic juices flowing with one “manusaturated” hand while the other grabs all the virgin olive groves in the world.

Those among us who know that there are large chunks of information unashamedly and criminally kept away from shelves in public libraries and food stores (call it “organic” or uncontaminated History if you like) will have no problem with telling who in fact has been gaining most and more regularly from social salads with a pinch of intrigue; from coups d’état, popular revolutions, patriotic orgasms, local wars, general strikes, international wars and wars of independence, all masked as desirable, necessary and inevitable social upheavals for the benefit of variable portions of the human race; they will have no problem with pointing almost exactly who has truly gained most from working-class chanting and flag-waving masked as effective and genuine trade-unionism; who has profited most from perversion of our minds and feelings dressed as epoch-making artistic and literary movements; from medical wizardry and technological feats with the intent of concealing and distracting us from the real discoveries.

Political master-manipulators may not have been many at any time in History. Nonetheless, in spite of their small numbers, they have always been able, from the heights of their positions of direct or indirect power, to be one step ahead of everybody else, particularly ahead of hard-working, honest people on this planet, using religious and political cunning, selling, buying, renting ideas or perverting them, falsifying History, patronising the sort of philosophical outburst which better served their plans – all made possible by loads of corrupting and corruptive gold to fulfil the selfish dreams and expectations of many and concurrently and designedly providing Humanity with the hard-to-die belief that every single important event in History was and is the unplanned result of chaotic forces in society. A load of “academic” bull, and they know that.

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